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Tyrnn Eaveranth

Jakebe SunravenJakebe Sunraven

Tyrnn's News:

WAlso picked up a copy of .hack//Infection (#1) so... well... I'm gonna go play that often! And I beat it already. Man, $40 for 20 hours of gameplay... I expect a good RPG to provide at least 35 hours or more... so I gotta buy #2 and #3 and #4... and probably the anime series to. My anime friends are right. Crack is cheaper.

So far the new system is holding out just fine, and most folks approve of the new look! Things are going well, with nothing too terrible or outstanding to report, work was a slow day, and I'm kinda tired and such. I am happy to report that another fine fellow, going by the name of David Ellis, has donated $5 to the cause of making me feel all important and stuff. Thanks! I'll use it to help pay down the cost of going to Midwest Fur Fest this year. Yes, I and hopefully Jakebe will be hawking our wares and I'll be doodling out little pictures of whatever you might wish to see, so be sure to drop by the Artist's Alley or whathaveyou, and look for the giant Boomer Express banner! Can't miss it!

Oh yeah, big big big news! Powergamers, a subsidiary of Gaming Guardians, Inc. Recently decided to get someone familiar into their storyline. Too bad they got my hair wrong. I'm blond, not black haired. Greg has promised to fix this grave error. No, he's not dying my hair black.

My Sidekick is working, finally, and it's a blast to use. I can be online pretty much all day long, at the AIM name 'BrangKangaroo' if yer looking for me.

Peter Raccoon, I have your sketchbook. Please email me!

Check out the Yahoo Group!

You can find my Live Journal here, if you want to see it. Jakebe's journal can be found here as well. He's got a much better page.

I won't ask for donations, since they aren't really vital to my needs, but Flinthoof has drawn a rather interesting picture of Victoria, and I'm considering offering it as an incentive for donating any amount... Here's a preview of the image.

March 4-11th: JAPAN WEEK!  Read the whole story here!

FurtherConfusion has come and gone...

Drawing of Tyrnn drawn by none other than Bill Holbrook of Kevin and Kell! Thanks!

Roomies gave Boomer Express a guest strip!

Staccato did one of those 'fill in the punchline' style contests. I won one of the prizes he was offering! Yahoo! You can see my entry here.

Brian Clevinger of 8-Bit Theater didn't get my Guest Comic in time. Oh well. He didn't choose it the next two times either... I guess he didn't like it enough. :(

 Cameo Appearance on Gaming Guardians as Tyrnn. Raaawr.

Guest Comic I did for him for a Sunday spot.

Jakebe's News:

Life is kicking into high gear as we rapidly approach the holiday season...stories to write, comics to plan, conventions to attend, books to shelf. Erf. I want to slack so bad, but it seems I can't ever find the time. Ah well, one of these days I'll be able to slack all over the place!

I feel...a creative burst coming on. :) Hopefully I can get started on the next storyline before Tyrnn finishes this one. ;) Any suggestions?