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Macropod Madness
(Fridays) My rating: 7.5
The main reason I began my own comic strip. Macropod Madness is one of the few kangaroo themed strips out there, and I just had to make another one to raise the number. Also check out '11 Will Die'.

(Semi-weekly) My rating: 9.0
Ah, yes. Now this is definitely one of the cooler comics I'm proud to be associated with. I was honored with the opportunity to draw a Guest Comic for Graveyard Greg  and Scott Eldred a while back. Be sure to check it out!

Gaming Guardians
(Weekdays) My rating: 9.5
Gaming Guardians. Also written by Graveyard Greg. It's certainly a more action oriented webcomic, but it's one I can appreciate. If you like any kind of roleplaying, with or without small molded pieces of plastic (dice or figurines), you'll want to take a look into this comic.. just be careful of all the eeeevil mind tricks this guy can pull on you with his storylines... this guy's mind is so chock full of plot twists, his hair had to flee in abject terror...

Kevin & Kell
(Daily) My rating: 10
Bill Holbrook, author and artist of a whopping Three different nationally syndicated comics strips, is the one of the nicest people I've had the pleasure to know over the past few years. He actually remembered me from past AnthroCons, and I hope to help return the favors by linking to his online site, Kevin and Kell. If you're reading this, you've probably already heard of it.

(Semi-weekly) My rating: 9.5
Flinthoof, author and artist of Roomies, is another good friend of mine. He's started up a second comic series, 'Roospace' that's also worth checking out every so often. Go see what's new!

The Class Menagerie
(Finished, but not forgotten) My rating: 9.5
Now this is a comic that I really can appreciate. As you can see from the link button to the left... there actually is a kangaroo as a main character. Appropriately named 'Michael Hopkins' The other folk are all floormates on the third floor of Richter Hall at College, and this strip is based on the many misadventures that these four and their friends face. Rival schools, plays, and many other collegiate perils... not to mention that the place seems to get blown up every third month or so. Chemistry is fun!

The Suburban Jungle

(Three times a week, plus Saturdays) My rating: 8.5

I only recently met John Robey, a.k.a. 'The Gneech' at Further Confusion, and we immediately struck it off quite well. This particular comic has been on Keenspot for quite some time... and although it seems that every other week there's some sort of guest artist or whatnot, it retains its style and power to keep coming back to find out more. Plus, there's a kangaroo in it. Wally's one of the better drawn comic strip roos out there, and of course, I'll have to finangle both him and Mikey (See above) into my own strip as guest appearances at one time or another...

Alice Otter
(Sundays) My rating: 9.0
I've only been to Spain once, but I saw enough there to give me a good idea about how different life is, and just how much can come out of it. This comic strip is drawn by Miguel Estrugo, better known as Artie Roo. While the comic is drawn by a 'kangaroo' in this regard, it's more focused on the lighter side of life for one Alice Otter, raised by her ferret uncle, Garland. A weekly comic strip worthy of a click every Sunday just to see the next one. Very well drawn and thought out, to say the least. One of my best picks!

(Almost Daily) My rating: 8.5
This newest comic in the lineup of links is definitely worth mention. Its main characters are decidedly Furry, and well drawn to boot. It's a great comic that depicts the daily hazards of four roommates fresh from college (mostly), an overly happy basketball (yes, that's right.) and an old Pentium 90 bent on world domination... if he could only get out of the basement job as the apartment's server... Worth a read every so often.