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Tyrnn Eaveranth

Jakebe SunravenJakebe Sunraven
The artist and founder of Boomer Express has been doodling out little things and scribbling in textbooks since middle school, though he has yet to seriously take an art class. Born in 1981, Ryan M. Gates has been all around the country in his travels, starting out in Fallon, Nevada for the first 7 years of his life, moving to Las Vegas for decent schooling in how to lose all your money, at age 13 moving to North Carolina to live in the wilds of places that aren't hot and baking deserts. This is where he first took a pen to paper and scribbled out a little stick figure known as Mr. Man. He looks sort of like this: =]+< The adventures of Mr. Man were often poorly drawn and ended in massive explosions, as most middle and high school doodles go, but it was a key step in learning to show emotion and things blowing up in flipbook animation. He continued to draw and doodle, eventually moving into serious sketches and art around 1997, and a year later, he joined the furry community as the Dragon known as Tyrnn Eaveranth. His works continually improved as he progressed through high school and a year and a half at college, before finally moving to Utah as recently as the year 2001. He now resides in the northern portion of the state, above Salt Lake City, and is attending Weber State University as a Computer Science major. (With a minor in Art once he can swing it.) He seeks to improve his drawing and cartooning skills by drawing a comic, and with over a year of experience under his belt, he still thinks he can't draw, and needs to take an art class. At least drawing a couple hundred comic strips has given him time to practice... Jakebe was born and raised in the wilds of Baltimore, MD, where he fast became an avid reader and devoted storyteller. His first audience was none other than his sister, and the blood-and-other-fluids gross-out stories that he had to tell were always well received. Eventually, his mother bought him an electric typewriter, and he immediately discovered what he was to do with his life. Enthralled with the idea of being a writer, he began telling stories to more and more people.

In high school, Jakebe was very active in all sorts of clubs, not the least of which was the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Club, which met to play Dungeons and Dragons, Werewolf, Vampire and Changeling every day after school. He also discovered a love of poetry that continues to this day, as well as a certain Internet hang-out known as FurryMUCK in 1997. He's been hopelessly addicted every since.

Eventually, Jakebe became of age and left home to seek his fortune as a bohemian lay-about. After sampling the collegiate existence for two years in southern Maryland, he decided to try his hand at being an Arkansas resident at the end of 1999, where he remains to this day. His aspirations as a writer has gone unchecked, and he's managed to be published in a few college and local publications, as well as a short story in Sofawolf Press "Breaking The Ice: Stories From New Tibet." Currently, he is working on many things too numerous to mention, as well as writing frequently in his LiveJournal.