Boomer Express
by Tyrnn Eaveranth and Jakebe Sunraven

"When it absolutely positively needs to be pouched overnight"

 Given Up for Friday , May 27 , 2011

Welcome, new readers! Be warned, though! It's highly recommended to start from the beginning and maybe check the Characters page, then read through the archives to know exactly what these poor roos are going through! Enjoy the show! :)

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#629: A Quick Fatal Fix

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"Boomer Express has drama, humor, action, adventure and kangaroos. What else could one possibly want in a comic?"

-Bill Holbrook, Kevin and Kell

"Boomer Express delivers your package of humor, when it must absolutely be delivered to your funnybone."

-Graveyard Greg, Gaming Guardians



I have started my third year at DigiPen. I don't know why I wasn't able to put as much love and attention as I wanted to into Boomer Express over the summer, but I'll admit that socializing and World of Warcraft certainly got in the way a fair bit. Hopefully, now that I've pretty much given up WoW until Cataclysm comes out, I'll be able to focus on schoolwork, and channel more of that creative energy into the strip.


Whee! Had a good friend over here in Seattle for the past week. Went out and did touristy things like seeing the Space Needle, Uwajimaya Market, and the Pike Street Marketplace. Did some daytripping down to Vancouver, WA to visit another friend, and even got to visit Wolf Park along the way! Was wonderful to get to sketch the live wolves in their little habitats. Did the same sketching at the Kangaroo Farm up north again, and I got to hold a baby red kangaroo named Peanut Butter for a good half hour or more! Such adorable little and big roos they have up there!


Nothing terribly important to note. Just finally managing to get a couple more strips prepared. There's one more left in this plotline before we go back to the main one and hopefully have some fun!


Woo. I'm now officially 29 years old and still struggling through college to carve a career somewhere. While at least now I know what I'd like to do in life, draw and animate, I'm still dreadfully short of money when I need it. College tuition funds have run dry for me, and I'm up to my ears in college debt already. I wish I could say I'd draw my way out of it, but so far it's been a phenominal effort just to get a comic strip drawn once every week, let alone the stack of commissions that I have staring me in the face. When did drawing what I like become Work?


Yay, comicry. I like comics. I like drawing, I just... get distracted. Today I stopped the distraction and tried to retrain my brain to focus. Pandora radio really helped, along with the discovery of a longtime fan who'd become interested enough to start his own comic strip. Apparently he's up into the 200s now, while I'm still poking along. Maybe I should hurry up before he overtakes me!


Meh. I like comics. I love Boomer Express. So why can't I sit down and write and draw and make and create? Probably too much WoW and the lure of Summer Vacation. Eh, I'll just have to keep this comic as a part-time hobby and just update it when I get around to it. Shouldn't be too long between strips, definitely several a month. We'll just have to see how much effort I can squeeze out.


Had to spend some extra time making sure everything was good with this strip and where I wanted things to go in the future, sorry for the delay!


Good News, everyone! The Comics are flowing again!


I finally managed to meet a real live kangaroo just this past Saturday. It was one of the best moments of my life when I finally got to meet Jack the red kangaroo at a local kangaroo farm about an hour north from where I live. I learned a lot about how red kangaroos look from up close, their leg, tail, and arm musculature, and that they love bread for treats. There were several Eastern Greys, and at least a half dozen wallabies and wallaroos that were amicable to being pet for a while... at least until the food ran out. I did get a little nip from one wallaby who probably had enough attention, but it didn't hurt. The highlight was being allowed to hold a six month old Bennett's Wallaby joey named Heidi for a couple minutes... it was just the most adorable little cute fuzzy warm thing I have ever had the priviledge to hold. I'm definitely going back more over the summer to visit, maybe even volunteer some of my time!


I realized mid-comic that Gary hadn't locked that door behind himself, so... why were those cops banging on it loudly? Hence the birth of this idea.


I'm experimenting with a new idea that I had come across on the internet recently, a website by the name of 'Flattr'. This is a micropayment type system where you basically sign up, and place an amount of money into your account. Whenever you like something someone's done on the internet and they have a 'Flattr' icon like the one above, all you have to do to donate to that site is click on the button. At the end of the month, the money that you've put into the account is divided evenly amongst every person you've clicked their Flattr buttons. You can start with as little as two euros, but there's no limit to how much 'cake' you can put into your account to split. It's only in beta stages right now, but if you'd like to participate, I can provide you with an access code. Drop me a line if you're interested!


Fighting some RL issues and trying to overcome laziness as usual. Lots of sketching, but I'm also planning on continuing some work with my Melvin von Haarschnitt animation, I want to compile a portfolio of my work in Flash, and there's a pile of commissions I need to start wading through. So much to do!


Nothing major to report today, just getting myself organized and hopefully into a decent summer job as soon as possible. I'm working in Flash to compile a decent Portfolio that I can post online and use to showcase my works over the last few years at DigiPen, both in animation and in static works. Hopefully I can get that finished within a week! Hooray for real life projects!

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